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21st June 2018, 17:30 by LostSong

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2nd June 2018, 16:37 by LostSong
Name: Kai Mixtape.
Nickname: Ed or Wolf
Title: Dj SoundAK47

Age: 22
Date of Birth: 02/03/1999
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Birthplace: somewhere in North America.
Current Residence: Nowhere since he travels alot.
Dad: Dead
Mom: Alive

Step Dad: Alive.

Race: Demon/ warlock

Height: 6’5 feet
Weight: 197 pounds.

Occupation: Musician / traveling …

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Galei Pokka
7th May 2018, 11:07 by Anonymous
Name: Galei Pokka

Nickname: Poka

Title: Miss, Ms.

Age: 29

Date of Birth: November 16

Gender: Female

Orientation: Panromantic

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Birthplace: Ilektrismos II

Current Residence: Ilektrismos II

Family: Yalina Pokka, her only mother, and Paitin Ki, her brother (married to Chel Ki)

Race: Ilektrismosian

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 132 kg

Occupation: Repairman/ Ex Bodyguard

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Kīra Sabaibā
7th May 2018, 11:06 by Anonymous
Name: Kīra Sabaibā
Nickname: N/A
Title: Fire Mage, Miss,

Age: 25
Date of Birth: Sympan V 13 B, 975 M StY (October 5th)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan-sexual
Zodiac Sign: Cosomo

Birthplace: Spatium V.
Current Residence: Spatium XII.
Family: (look below)
Son: Raian Sabaibā
Race: Spatan

Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 lb

Occupation: Student at Academia de Duodecim Elementa


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7th May 2018, 11:06 by Somenamelesspunk

Name: Chouko (assumed name)

Nickname: Masked Rider (Armored, Public name on Earth), Bughead (Armored, Thugs), Prototype (????)

Title: Kabutomushi

Age: Late 20s

Date of Birth: September 7, 1685

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bi under technicality

Zodiac Sign: Boar under Eastern Zodiac

Birthplace: Assumed to be Fulgur II

Current Residence: Travelling on Earth

Family: Long dead.

Race: Fulgan

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7th May 2018, 11:04 by Psyche Angst
Name: Lambence
Nickname: Lamb, Lamp, Hellbent, Karui (stage character name)
Title: Mister

Age: 144 (physically 12)
Date of Birth: 13 B 876 M StY Fostelos I (Aug. 7th)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Zodiac Sign: Light

Birthplace: The universe
Current Residence: Lux
Family: All elementals; elementals tend to consider their entire race as a huge family that runs on a system of clans.

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7th May 2018, 11:04 by Anonymous
Name: Rouzeki
Nickname: Rou
Title: The Masked Murrki
Age: 21
Date of Birth: May 14
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual  
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Fulgur 1
Current Residence:  Muramasa-M1 (SpaceCraft)
Family:  N/A
Race: Fulgan
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160lb
Occupation: Ninja
Body: Rouzeki has short straight blond hair and yellow eyes as a Fulgan. His skin is …

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7th May 2018, 11:03 by Psyche Angst
Name: Miseris
Nickname: Mizzy, Misery, Miss Miserable
Title: Miss

Age: 132 (physically 11)
Date of Birth: 13 B 888 M StY Skotaditelos I (Nov. 8th)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Zodiac Sign: Darkness

Birthplace: The universe
Current Residence: Tenebris
Family: All elementals; elementals tend to consider their entire race as a huge family that runs on a system of …

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Kagi gairo
7th May 2018, 11:03 by Anonymous
Regluar sheet study

Name: Kagi gairo
Nick name: N/A
Title: Miss

Age: 23
Date of Birth: 11 B 300 M StY, Skotaditelos II
Gender: Female
Orientation: Striaght
Zodiac sign: Darkness

Birthplace: Tenebris lX
Current Residence: Obscurum
Father- Unknown
Mother- Unknown
Grandmother- Alive
Race:  Tenebrisan

Height: 5'7
Weight: 119 lb

Occupation: Dark Mage/ Priestess


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7th May 2018, 11:02 by zellman01
Regular Sheet:
Name: Raiden
Nickname: Rai
Title: Unknown

Age: Mid to late 20s
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Electricity

Birthplace: Fulgur IV
Current Residence: Fulgur IV
Family: Himself
Race: Fulgan

Height: 5' 13"
Weight: 96 lbs. 15 oz.

Occupation: Explorer

Body: Half of his body is comprised of machinery, with electric conductors …

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