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 Fiore Lymia de Lux Dryadales

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PostSubject: Fiore Lymia de Lux Dryadales   11th February 2018, 18:09

Name: Fiore Lymia Lux Dryadales.

Age: 44

Birthplace: Lumiere, home of the Light elves.

Current Residence: Radiant Fields.

Gender: Female

Race: Half Light elf, half human.

Class: Musician.

Musical Instrument: Songbook of the Naturam Dryadales.

Power: She uses earth magic, with a spell 'gust', that lets her blow back enemies, in order to get away.

Appearance: Light skin, white hair with a golden tint, and bright icy blue eyes. She is 5' 5'' and wears mostly dresses from her mother's side of culture.

History: Born to a Light elf mother and human father, Fiore grew up for the first couple years of her life with both her parents. But then began to be taught magic. She became a Musician when she was old enough choose for herself, and taught with other elven children her age. Her father however, aged quickly as a human, and she began to visit him more often to take care of him.
While she was taught about magic, her mother never really showed much in that sense, but she knew her father could use the earth. It helped him defend himself as he traveled, until he met her mother, and settled down. While her mother warned her of the mild dangers of the world, her father encouraged his daughter to explore. For a time she was interested in air magic, but she wasn't able to fully study it. Feeling left out and hopeless for even being a Light elf with no magic, her father taught her his. Without her mother knowing, her father began to teach her, and as she grew she went back to the schools, to learn more earth.
She learned quickly with hard study, practicing far away with her father, and from her elven blood, began to surpass his own limits. However, she never forgot what she had studied with air magics, and kept that part a secret from her mother as well as others. As the years wore on, and she grew stronger than he had hoped for, he was forced to once again travel more to other towns and villages to protect people from monsters. He grew older, and between that and training Fiore, he took for a while, then decide it was about time to retire as an adventurer.
One of the times he was in the Northlands, he saved a gnome from an orc's brutality, and the gnome helped guide him home since he had gotten lost. Ever since then they have been together, and Fiore grew up around the gnome, Jartassag, like a companion to play with.
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PostSubject: Re: Fiore Lymia de Lux Dryadales   11th February 2018, 18:16

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Fiore Lymia de Lux Dryadales
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