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 Galilahei Pokka

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PostSubject: Galei update   31st March 2018, 21:19

Name: Galilahei Pokka
Age: 20
Birthplace: Natura
Current Residence: The Royal City of Bewegung
Gender: Female
Race: Half-breed
Class: Dancer
Musical instrument: Hangdrum
Power: Not an elemental, but is accustomed to capoeira.
Appearance: Standing at 5'9", she is a dark skinned lady with crow black hair cut asymmetrically short and piercing yet heterochromatic brown eyes with golden flecks in each. She wears a gypsy-like outfit, donning gem-like colors of jade and earthy colors of brown. Usually being barefoot, she has anklets that ring occasionally.
History: Living with her déconaturdale father (Paitin Pokka) for most of her life, she remains in ignorance of her naturam mother (Yalina Ki) and was well off. She performs with a close group of her father's friends, they being the musicians and she moving to their music. She lived a very normal life up until she was 19, where she decided that it was a good idea to find her mother. However, with disdain, her father had outright refused her the knowledge. Living with unsurety until 20, she finally set off, leaving her father's residence in secret and running off to where she believed her mother to live at; The Forest Kingdom.
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PostSubject: Galilahei Pokka   31st March 2018, 21:22

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Galilahei Pokka
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