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PostSubject: RP Sheet   3rd March 2016, 20:34

Name: N/A

Nickname: Siren/Owl

Title: Miss.

Age: 28

Date of Birth: Unknown

Gender: Female

Orientation: Male

Zodiac Sign: Cosmos

Birthplace: Screech(homeworld)

Current Residence:

Family: Two egg brothers.

Race: Screer

Height: 7' 4''

Weight: 266

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer/Bounty hunter


Body: The typical oval head with the 'ear horns', which are just solid. Small, wide lips and a mouth filled with sharp pointy teeth, large wings, tall and strong arms and legs. Wide almost almond shaped eyes, four toes, and five fingers, with 'thumbs' on either side. Her skin color is a light slate blue, with lavender eyes, and oval pupils.

Clothing: A simple pair of pants, made from her world's fiber material, which is somewhat like cotton, but is quite strong.

History: Born on her home world, Siren grew up with her own kind until a ship came to dock there. Not really strangers to their world, her family went to investigate, and she became somewhat fascinated by the machines they had brought with them. It wasn't long before she decided to leave her home world and pursue a life among the strangers that came.
In time she learned much of their languages, learning how to sign herself, since she wasn't able to mimic the words too clearly, and was taught how to repair things among the ship. From her language, she was given the nickname Siren, which she took to easily, though it held no other meaning to her.
For a few years she joined up with an army, which she grew tired of, and then did a few jobs of bounty hunting until she found someone to teach her how to be an engineer.

Personality: Sometimes silent, she likes to 'speak' to others, especially if they're new to her. She doesn't think much of her height or bulk, and will often forget her strength if she gets too excited. She's curious about most everything, but has enough sense to temper it with caution. Most the time.
Siren is both dedicated and passionate about her work, and likes to learn. It takes a bit to get her angry, as she still doesn't fully understand the wide range and complexity of human-like emotions. But when she is, everyone knows it, as is her people's way of communicating.


Description: Can create sound waves, and varying levels of frequencies, enough to cause small tears in the inner ear and temporary hearing loss. On the other end, Siren can make sounds that produce dopamine in the brain.

Element: Cosmos

Weakness: She can be blinded easier than a human, as her kind have keen eyesight. If downed, they can become vulnerable, and if bound, leaving them open for an attack. Though they can hold their breath for a while, they can drown, and be killed with guns.
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PostSubject: N/A   3rd March 2016, 20:42

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