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 Galei Pokka

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PostSubject: Galei Pokka   16th July 2017, 16:50

Name: Galei Pokka

Nickname: Poka

Title: Miss, Ms.

Age: 29

Date of Birth: November 16

Gender: Female

Orientation: Panromantic

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Birthplace: Ilektrismos II

Current Residence: Ilektrismos II

Family: Yalina Pokka, her only mother, and Paitin Ki, her brother (married to Chel Ki)

Race: Ilektrismosian

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 132 kg

Occupation: Repairman/ Ex Bodyguard


Body: She has a slightly muscular build, standing with a straight posture and walking with a steady gait. She is tanned, and can get paler when ill. Her hair is a medium blonde and has white highlights that, when activated, glows lightly. Her hairstyle is asymmerically short, the longer side being to her right; it covers one of her pale yellow eyes. She seems to have serious expresion at all times, though sometimes it is easy to see a smirk or smile beyond that.


Clothing: Wearing a techno bodysuit, she has a base of grey and additions of golden hues to match her hair and eyes. She wears a top in front of her suit, and it happens to be gold with pastel yellow nearly chevron-esque in pattern. She bodysuit has a detachable mask to it, which she uses to cover her mouth and nose.
Galei has grey gloves that cut off at her fingers (except her thumb) and grey linings grace it. Her belt is a dusty yellow yet also has the pale yellow linings through it. The pants art consists of a dark grey, and has daffodil colored hip-markings that give way to several pockets. Her boots are pointed and follow the same color scheme as the rest of the outfit. When activated by a jolt, the pastel yellow and white linings along her outfits glow. Depending on the jolt, the brightness varies and wavers.

History: She grew up in Ilektrismos II in a loving family, and grew up well and normally. By the time she was 20 she managed to gain a job as a repairman, but was fired for being inexperienced. Baffled, she went on to train in martial arts with friends until a stranger asked for Galei to be his child's bodyguard. She didn't refuse; her friends declined for her. But the second time they met, she accepted. She protected this child, Trinity, up until she was able to fend for herself. Galei later returned to training, as Trinity moved... and passed away that very year. Miffed, Galei continued until she finalized her training at age 29 . Now she works still, as a successful repairman, though she trains from time to time, and meditates daily.


In-Battle: She is calm mostly yet is sometimes slow to react. A basic pokerface, only when she has the mask on. Otherwise she looks half-worried half-angry.

Out-of-Battle: She is naturally polite, friendly, yet may seem to be apathetic and distant. She is pretty laid back yet stubborn, yet is less likely to cause an argument-she hopes


Element: Electricity

Description: Spark Drawing: Painting lightning in the air with her fingertips, she can create drawings and images made of sparks and energy which disappear either on command or within 5 minutes.

Basic Electric Muy Thai and Judo: Basic and complex attacks only with the element added.

Reverberate: Due to speed, she may cause multiple images of her to appear, yet all are shaking in a glitching manner. This is to confuse opponents.

Shock-shield: She forms a barrier around herself or another, preventing contact from either side. Should person touch the shield, even her, they get shocked; the longer the hold, the more injuries will be sustained, possibly extremely harmful if they have electronic machinery equipped.

Weakness: Water, cranberries, long-range attacks, artificial sweets.

Type of Fighter: Close-distance offensive mediator

Weapon(s) of Choice: Dual kakute, basic martial arts, electricity powers
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PostSubject: Galei Pokka   16th July 2017, 16:57

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Galei Pokka
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